ModemManager: new 'cinterion' plugin and more support for RS232 modems

Hi all,

Finished developing a new 'cinterion' plugin for Cinterion/Siemens-based
modems (see [1]).

This development is ready for review in the 'plugin-cinterion' branch in
the following Gitorious repository [2]:

The branch is based on the 'protect-callbacks' branch (already reported
in another email, see [3]) and organized in 4 different chunks:

 (a) 9057514..85ac24b (4 commits): Generic fixes in the core codebase,
including new properties in the generic GSM object to enable plugins use
their own CMER, CNMI and CPMS commands.

 (b) 4cbb9df..d0f81d5 (8 commits): New plugin with support for
Cinterion/Siemens USB modems.

 (c) 8d42b58..09b5ff9 (6 commits): Additional generic support for RS232
modems, including:
   * Vendor ID and product ID retrieval during AT port probing (already
discussed before in the mailing list, see [4]).
   * Allow plugins to request being sorted last in the list of plugins,
so that plugins which may handle RS232 modems are the last ones being
tested (they are not based only on udev's vendor-id check, so they
always launch AT port probing if no other plugin took the probing step
   * New ScanDevices() method in ModemManager object in D-Bus, to
request a new re-scan of all non-grabbed ports. RS232 modems are not
detected automagically as there is no udev event notifying they were
connected, so a system wanting to use RS232 modems should be able to
request a port re-scan to look for newly connected modems.
   * A new method to set a modem as invalid and get it removed if up to
N consecutive AT commands get timed out. Disabled for all plugins by

 (d) c1ded2e..0cc3d40 (4 commits): Improved the cinterion plugin with
support for Cinterion/Siemens RS232 modems, based on the previous
generic RS232 fixes.

Comments welcome,




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