Request: log NMEI and E.164 number of mobile broadband devices

Hi folks,

We were asked to reconcile a phone bill from a carrier for a company's
mobile data services. This turned out to be difficult to do for people
who use Linux, as Network Manager doesn't log identifying information
about the device, the SIM card, or the telephony service. Those who work
in organisations will know that if a charge can't be reconciled then
management will often declare that the charge should not be incurred
(ie, no mobile broadband for Linux users).

These identifiers can be obtained from AT commands. However, the E.164
calling number can be difficult to obtain outside of a active data
connection. (There's often a register where a carrier can optionally
place the calling number in, but that's often not set and there's no
need for it to match the calling number actually used by the network.)

It would be very nice if NetworkManager could
 - log the serial number and NMEI of broadband modem+SIM after it is
 - log the E.164 calling number once a connection is established.

Thank you, Glen

 Glen Turner

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