Re: RFE: multiple default gateways

On 05/11/2011 01:43 PM, Marc Herbert wrote:
> Hi Ferry,
> Le 11/05/2011 12:12, Ferry Huberts a écrit :
>> Yesterday I by accident looked at the routing table of a Windows 7 laptop
>> with both ethernet and wlan connected and I saw something interesting:
>> Both connections set up a default gateways in the routing table!
>> Each default gateway takes the metric of the connection to which it
>> belongs, so for for example for the ethernet a metric of 0, for the wlan a
>> metric of 100, etc.
>> Which is quite logical in fact and made me wonder why we don't do that?
>> It seems obvious now that I've seen it done, or am I missing something?
>> I've tested it on my F15 laptop and seems to work
> Very interesting.
> Have you "stress-tested" it with various combinations of "ip link set
> up/down" and killing/restarting wpa_supplicant? (while NM is off
> of course).

No, I just tested having multiple default gateways.

But be my guest to test those scenarios :-)

I'll bet you they'll work just fine just as long as those programs don't
manually mess with the routing table.


Ferry Huberts

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