RFE: multiple default gateways

Hi list/Dan

Yesterday I by accident looked at the routing table of a Windows 7 laptop
with both ethernet and wlan connected and I saw something interesting:

Both connections set up a default gateways in the routing table!
Each default gateway takes the metric of the connection to which it
belongs, so for for example for the ethernet a metric of 0, for the wlan a
metric of 100, etc.

Which is quite logical in fact and made me wonder why we don't do that?
It seems obvious now that I've seen it done, or am I missing something?

I've tested it on my F15 laptop and seems to work

This would also make any code handling the default gateway go away!
You'd just need to clean up all entries belonging to the connection that's
going away, and not touch other routing entries :-)

Example routing table:

Destination     Gateway         Genmask         F  Metric R U Iface   U  0      0 0 eth0   U  1000   0 0 wlan0         UG 0      0 0 eth0         UG 1000   0 0 wlan0


Ferry Huberts

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