Re: Problem resolving URLs

On Monday 28 of February 2011 21:01:22 Fidel Mato wrote:
> Hi all, I'm not able to solve this by myself; some help would be greatly
> appreciated.
> I installed Network-Manager on an Acer Aspire One running Debian Squeeze
> using the wired connection at work. For a time, when using the wireless
> could not access any address under the domain of my work, but yes other
> addresses outside.
> I tried to fix it by myself, googling and editing some files, and as a
> result, I can not access any website. Ping and ssh using numeric IPs
> works, but does not resolve any names.
> Probably has something to do with /etc/resolv.conf.tmp, written every time,
> and keeping 'domain', 'search' - and 'nameserver(s)' from work.
> Can anyone help me out? thanks in advance.	-fidel-

/etc/resolv.conf is the file used by resolvers to get name server address when 
resolving domain name to IP.  man resolv.conf will show you more info.

NetworkManager keeps that file up to date and puts there data from your 
activated connection (either DHCP or configured manually).

/etc/resolv.conf.tmp is probably a backup file you (or some script) created.

How did you configure your wireless connection? Check whether it's properly 
configured using nm-conection-editor.


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