Re: Problems with Plasma NetworkManagement

Em Thursday 30 June 2011, Dan Williams escreveu:

> On Sun, 2011-06-26 at 15:40 -0300, Lamarque Vieira Souza wrote:

> > Hi,

> >

> >

> > I am trying to debug those two bugs and

> > and have found that NM is calling our

> > secret agent to save the old secret instead of the new one even though

> > Plasma NM passes the new secret to the NM's update connection method.


> Hmm, seems like a bug in NM.

That is what I thought :-/

> I've updated the documentation in introspection/nm-secret-agent.xml with

> the original intent. That intent was that if the agent is the thing

> creating the connection then the agent should save the secrets and not

> expect a SaveSecrets() request from NM. However, if an external

> connection editor is the thing that updates the secrets, then the agent

> should expect a SaveSecrets() request. Basically if the agent accepts

> changes to secrets it should save them itself; and that saves a D-Bus

> round-trip. Does that sound OK?

That is what I had guessed by try and error, thanks for clarifying it. In Plasma NM the agent and the editor are two different process as I said. By what you are saying above NM calling SaveSecrets() is Ok, what is not Ok is it passing the old secrets instead of the new ones. I also do not understand how NM knows the agent is also the editor. I guess even nm-applet implements the connection editor as a separated process, right?

> If the agent is what called Update(), then we'd expect it to save the

> secrets itself after the Update() call returns successfully. I'm not

> sure the indirection here of having NM call SaveSecrets() on the process

> that already has the secrets is useful. Or?

No, the agent does not call Update(), the editor does. They are two different process. The editor knows the secrets and the agent does not by the time Update() is called. Update() works as expected in 0.8.999 as far as I remember. Since 0.8.9997 NM passes the old secrets in SaveSecrets(), which is strange. I do not see why it should pass the old secrets in SaveSecrets(). Or it passes the new secrets or does not call SaveSecrets() at all.

> There are probably a few bugs here to shake out...

Probably. I am busy doing other things these days, next week I will try to investigate this problem further, but if it really is a bug in NM then you have more chances to find it than me.


Lamarque V. Souza

Linux User #57137 -

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