Re: ModemManager: power-up/power-down fixes for Wavecom, Cinterion and Sierra modems

Hi Dan,

> > Some fixes related to power-up/power-down some modems are available in
> > the 'power-up-check-needed' branch in the following Gitorious repo
> > [1]:   
> >   git://
> These all look good.  I think in the future though we should just define
> some stuff on the Modem object for generic power states that roughly
> correspond to the CFUN numbers, ie [OFF, MIN, RF_OFF, FULL] and let
> modems handle that as need to.  On startup we'd ask for the modem's
> power state which the plugin would return as one of these enums and then
> the MM core does what it needs to.  When the core wants to change power
> state (ex as a result of Enable()) it'll just tell the plugin to go to
> FULL and the plugin translates that to whatever it needs to do.
> Thoughts?  I'm just worried about making the power state selection more
> complicated with the POWER_UP_CMD properties and stuff and I think this
> is actually a clearer, simpler solution which we should have done in the
> first place.

That makes a lot of sense, yes. And if so, I would also avoid using
enable() and disable(), as the modem is no longer just enabled or
disabled, but "off", "in minimum functionality mode", "radio off" or "in
full functionality mode". A generic set_state() method instead of
enable() and disable() could help. The only problem I see with this
approach is that modems may not implement exactly those states, and
plugins would need to find the "most similar" state to those specified
by ModemManager.

> But for now please push when you have time.




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