Modem Manger fails after low mobile signal quality


I am testing the current git version (as of yesterday) of NetworkManger and ModemManger.

It works fine, until I have low mobile signal quality. In the case the umts device cannot register with the mobile provider (of course).

When I now move my laptop to a place where I have a good mobile signal quality, I still cannot connect. I need to kill modem-manger, then it get's restarted by NetworkManger and everything is fine again.

I attach two logfiles. The mess_bad show the problem (signal is already ok again, so a connection should be possible) and mess_ok show what happeing after modem-manager restart (without changing anythingelse).

In addition in such a low signal situations, sometimes strange things are happeing, for example, when pppd start's I get a dialog, asks me for the password (which was saved in the connection settings and worked before, but now it seems to got lost) or even worse the mobile device is disabled at all and is removed from the network manager applet. These thing are occuring randomly...

I would expect that when the signal quality improves, the mobile device gets connected again, at least after a manual start from network manager applet's menu.

Any idea how to fix it or how to futher debug it? 

Thanks & Regards


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