Re: UMTS usb stick MC998D (U998D): disconnect after 30-45 seconds

PS. maybe I've misinterpreted and you just wanted to say that nm/mm
could be improved by handling the no carrier error better, so that
subsequently I could use nm to reconnect without having to unplug and
replug the modem (i.e. even if the real problem isn't solved, at least
it would be less hassle to reconnect). Yes I would appreciate that;
tell me if you've got patches for me to try. (I can also code in C,
but I don't have much time.)

PPS. another thing: so far it seems that the modem disconnects exactly
when nm sends 'AT+CSQ<CR>', at least that's the point in time where
the LED goes back to blinking and data transmission stops. Maybe it
would never disconnect if nm didn't send that command (well I realize
that probably this command is just asking for the status, but what do
I know).


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