Re: UMTS usb stick MC998D (U998D): disconnect after 30-45 seconds

On Sun, 2011-06-12 at 15:03 -0400, Christian Jaeger wrote:
> A couple corrections/addons:
> The crash time window is between 20-~35 seconds from the point of the
> connection being up, not 30-45 like I said.
> Upgrading the firmware of the stick (using the firmware upgrade
> utility running on Windows) hasn't changed anything.
> This is in Canada, stick provided by Bell, used with the Bell network.
> Here are the debug logs from a run that crashed:
> Also, there's some discussion going on now in the thread I originally
> initiated a year ago on debian-user (already mentioned above, see:
>,107067,202298 ).

Looks like the modem does signal NO CARRIER at 20:57:11 around when you
say the connection crashed.  One thing we could do is better handle the
NO CARRIER by disconnecting at exactly that point instead of treating
the NO CARRIER error as a response to the AT+CSQ that gets sent.  That
might have some effect.


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