Re: No connection with Ericsson Business Mobile Networks BV F3307 Mobile Broadband Module

Am 13.06.2011 17:43, schrieb Dan Williams:
> It appears that for the Ericsson devices, CME ERROR 272 (from the MM
> log) means that the hardware 3G radio switch is preventing the 3G card
> from powering up fully.


thanks, this seems to be the case here. I've been playing with some
keyboard combinations, and it seems that I can't have wireless and 3g at
the same time (well, there might be some use cases, but I guess this is
not very important), but I can activate 3g. Unfortunately, there's no
indication which connection can be active, except for wireless dropping
off the net. lsusb and lspci don't show differences in the interfaces.

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