Re: Password Security

As Pantelis mentioned -- if you want to have password not visible for
common users, make it system wide. Otherwise you would have to keep your
eye on your laptop when logged in. 
Hint: You can always lock screen when leaving

On Wed, 2011-06-08 at 10:10 +0200, Timo Babst wrote:
> Hello, I am using NetworkManager Applet 0.8. It works great except for 
> one very annoying thing : there is a checkbox that says "show password" 
> and someone (luckily a friend) was able to copy my password just by 
> using this little funny feature. Could'nt you make sure that the user 
> has to be root in order to view the password? It IS very annoying, since 
> this feature makes every password absolutely useless. Sorry to be so 
> direct, but this really is a BIG issue for me (and I think it should not 
> be too hard to change it for the guy who developped it).
> Best regards,
> Timo Babst
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