Re: Alcatel X200 troubleshooting

OK, my local sample of the device is working flawlessly with my dirty hack, so I suppose I can wait. Thanks anyway for the interest and effort you are spending in this.

In regard to the Windows drivers supplied from the manufacturers, it's understandable they don't bother. They expect 'always' for the driver to be reinstalled always from the supplied one, and not to be supported by the OS natively. So, why care? The device will be obsolete in months from their point of view (that seems to be the bussiness in cellphone companies, to keep you rebuying again and again).

2011/6/3 Dan Williams <dcbw redhat com>

I spent a bunch of time with my X200 this morning, and the outlook is
not good.  On the plus side, we can get access technology for this
device via AT commands, which I assume the X220 also supports.

Now the bad news.  TCT in their infinite wisdom gave the X060, X070, and
X200 the SAME FREAKING USB IDs, despite the X200 having a completely
different command set than the X060/070.  The X060s is driven by
Longcheer, while the X200 needs the X22X plugin.

At least when Huawei does this (like 20 of their modems are 12d1:1001)
the modems have the same AT command set.  I really want to yell at TCT

So supporting the X200 will take a bit more time, because now we have to
check the ATI/GMR response (since the X060 and X200 both report the same
thing for GMI and GMM, whee!) and look at the firmware revision response
to figure out whether Longcheer should drive the device or not.  That's
not hard, but it won't be tomorrow that the X200 is properly
supported :(

I honestly don't know who does firmware development for outfits like
Huawei, TCT, and others, but I'd like to yell at them for a while.  Of
course on Windows you only ever install software/drivers for one 3G card
at a time, so you never run into this.  Or at least that's what I assume
the manufacturer thinks you should do.


Un saludo,
Javier Martínez

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