Re: No 3G after disconnecting

On 27. juli 2011 15:03, wp1191918-hgvs wrote:
> Marius Kotsbak <marius kotsbak gmail com> hat am 26. Juli 2011 um 12:40
> geschrieben:
>> Den 26. juli 2011 12:17, skrev wp1191918-hgvs:
>>> Marius Kotsbak<marius kotsbak gmail com>  hat am 26. Juli 2011 um 02:17
>>> geschrieben:
> With nm-applet I can do (dis)connect cycles for the 3G connection. But I need to
> do this on "Ethernet (Lenovo F5521gw)" -> "Auto usb0"
> while "Mobile Broadband" -> "3G-Mobil" does not work but is still shown in
> nm-applet. This will make our user getting confused and so this is not a valid
> workaround for our production.
> So can someone tell me what the main problem is in this case and what has to be
> done to fix it?

Okay, so what probably happened here is that before you applied the fix
to Network Manager to recognize the modem, it saw a USB ethernet
connection (just like when connecting a phone that tether its connection
directly) and then added it automatically to the wired connections list
(Auto usb0).

The reason why you haven't seen it before is because it is disconnected
until a special Ericssonl AT command opens it, and that happened after
the MBM plugin was associated with the modem. Probably the configured
wired connection entry was used instead of the MBM plugin handling the
usb0 Ethernet connection.

On a fresh installation containing those patches, the first step, auto
adding the usb0 to NM would probably not happen as it when NM first sees
it is associated with Ericsson MBM plugin.


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