Re: No 3G after disconnecting

Den 26. juli 2011 12:17, skrev wp1191918-hgvs:
Marius Kotsbak<marius kotsbak gmail com>  hat am 26. Juli 2011 um 02:17

Den 25. juli 2011 12:08, skrev wp1191918-hgvs:
I have found the following problem with an Ericsson F5521gw 3G modem: 1. start system
2. bring up 3g connection by clicking on the configureation in nm-applet
3. wait until connection is established and can be used 4. disconnect from 3g connection
5. when trying to bring up the connection again it fails

Seems like I found the cause. See my attached patch to the bug report:

Hi Marius, looks like with your patch I am no longer able to bring up the 3G connection on
any time.

Strange. I would recommend turning off and on the modem again (if you have a button for that, else turn off and on the laptop). Also make sure there is only one modem-manager running.

Anyway, looking at the log it seems like the mbm module is not used at all (so I can't see that my patch made any difference). It uses general ACM PPP dial, not the usb0 ethernet connection. Make sure you have the "cdc_ncm" module.

You also need the following patch (included in modemmanager >=0.4.996, but it is just a text file change needed):

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