Re: Modemmanager/Sierra Wireless MC8781 fails assert when no SIM is inserted

On Sun, 2011-07-24 at 16:21 +0200, Aleksander Morgado wrote:
> Hey Samium,
> ...
> > modem-manager[3878]: <info>  [1311508930.212757] [mm-serial-port.c:938] mm_serial_port_close(): (ttyUSB0) serial port closed
> > modem-manager[3878]: <debug> [1311508930.213324] [mm-manager.c:687] supports_callback(): (tty/ttyUSB0): plugin 0x9542d20 (Cinterion) existing 0x9542f20 (Sierra) info->best 0x9542f20 (Sierra)
> > **
> > ERROR:mm-manager.c:688:supports_callback: code should not be reached
> I think that Dan already found a situation like this one in git
> master... or was it another one?
> In general, we should try to limit the cases where modems get probed by
> the plugins which support RS232 modems (those without a exclusive
> udev-reported vendor ID filter). These plugins (Cinterion in this case)
> shouldn't probe modems that have a udev-reported vendor ID 'owned' by
> some other plugin.
> Will try to prepare a fix for that.

Yeah; though the real fix is to fix the probing code so that it works as
intended and multiple plugins can say they *might* support the modem.
Then they get asked in order if they do and each returns a supports
"value".  The plugin with the highest value for the port gets the port.
Other ports from the same modem automatically get given to the plugin
that had the highest value for the first port of the modem to finish
probing.  Something in there is broken.


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