Re: [PATCH 1/4] DTD changes for mms, prepaid, wap

Hi Marius,

> >>> Keep in mind that we are mainly looking into the possibility to
> >>> automatically provision SIM cards the best we can. And this without any
> >>> user interaction.
> >> When we discuss this, usually when you insert a SIM card into a phone
> >> now, the settings are fetched from the SIM card itself (although I have
> >> once seen that th e settings were wrong for internet use). Could not
> >> modemmanager/networkmanager do this?
> > I have not found a single operator that actually has APN settings
> > provisioned on their SIM card. There are certain EF specified for these
> > details, but all my SIM cards did not have anything provisioned in
> > there. Do you have examples?
> There are years since I have needed to configure network settings with
> my Norwegian SIM cards for use in phones. But i just came across a case
> where swedish settings were set in a SIM card for Tele2 which operate in
> both Norway and Sweeden.

where they in the phone or actually the SIM card. That is a big
difference. As I said, I have not seen any operator using the special EF
SIM storage for these settings.

> Missing settings are okay, but if they are incorrect, they should not be
> used. Before it was a problem that they used to be WAP APNs, but I guess
> people wants to use full internet APNs nowadays even in phones, to be
> able to read e-mails etc.

If you wrongly configure your device, then that is bad luck. Same goes
for the SMSC number. Just bad luck.



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