Re: [PATCH 1/4] DTD changes for mms, prepaid, wap

Hi Marius,

> > Keep in mind that we are mainly looking into the possibility to
> > automatically provision SIM cards the best we can. And this without any
> > user interaction.
> When we discuss this, usually when you insert a SIM card into a phone
> now, the settings are fetched from the SIM card itself (although I have
> once seen that th e settings were wrong for internet use). Could not
> modemmanager/networkmanager do this?

I have not found a single operator that actually has APN settings
provisioned on their SIM card. There are certain EF specified for these
details, but all my SIM cards did not have anything provisioned in
there. Do you have examples?

A few SIM cards are provisioned with SIM Toolkit application that send a
SMS to request a OMA-CP push message with the settings. So if you have a
SIM Toolkit support, then that leads eventually to correct information
based on your plan.

Other than that, everything is in the end manually provisioned. What can
happen is that the Windows software sets up the APN via AT+CGDCONT and
the hardware keeps it, but that is of no good since once you change the
SIM card you have a problem. Also voice modems for phone usage tend to
just forget these settings after reset.



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