Re: [PATCH 1/4] DTD changes for mms, prepaid, wap

Hello Andrew, Marcel,

On 07/22/2011 01:28 PM, Andrew Bird (Sphere Systems) wrote:
How would you describe the association between MMS and internet APNs? For
example in the UK Vodafone has the following APN usage:

Contract Plan (MMS retrieval bandwidth is zero rated)
internet access is via 'internet' APN
MMS retrieval is via '' APN

Prepay Plan (MMS retrieval bandwidth is charged too)
internet access is via 'pp.internet' APN
MMS retrieval is via 'pp.internet' APN

So it's important to select the correct APN for your plan even when retrieving
MMS as either it won't function with your SIM, or you'll get charged for
bandwidth when you shouldn't

That's a good example. So with a current approach it's just not possible to handle such cases. Shall we change it so that the type is internet/wap/mms and the plan is contract/prepaid? Should then "type" and "plan" be optional or mandatory?

Does anyone see any problems with this approach? Have we missed any other use cases or alternative solutions?

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