Re: [PATCH 1/4] DTD changes for mms, prepaid, wap

Hi Oleg,

> diff --git a/serviceproviders.2.dtd b/serviceproviders.2.dtd
> index d150a99..a0c5a31 100644
> --- a/serviceproviders.2.dtd
> +++ b/serviceproviders.2.dtd
> @@ -18,6 +18,7 @@
>                 password?,
>                 dns*)>
> +<!ATTLIST apn type (mms|prepaid|wap) #IMPLIED>

I would propose "internet", "mms" and "wap" as types. That is really
what we care about. What can you do with this context.

The only tricky part is that in some cases some providers use the same
APN for Internet access and MMS. We could just list the context twice in
that case or have a list of types per context.

Android seems to use comma separated string for this. Where there also
have some custom defined types like special Assisted GPS contexts. That
seems to be Nokia specific detail in some countries with a total
different billing concept.

In addition to the actual type of the APN, I like to see an attribute
for the "plan". So we can differentiate between "broadband", "prepaid"
and others.



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