Re: Verizon Wireless 4G LTE LG-VL600 support?

On 14. juli 2011 21:33, JWest wrote:
> I have Verizon Wireless 4G LTE with a LG-VL600 usb modem.  I'm trying
> to connect on Fedora 15 (Gnome 3).

You at least need the "lg-vl600" module (try "modinfo lg-vl600"), which
seems to be introduced in Linux 2.6.39.

>   Is 4G and this modem supported by the network manager? Are there any
> tutorials on how to configure it?
> When I connect my modem a new wired network is showing up with the
> name "LG ELECTRONICSInc LG UDC-AHB Subsystem".

I can't see there is a modemmanager module for this yet, but maybe this
thread gives any answers?:


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