Problem with direct cable lan connection


Two days ago I installed Debian 6.0.2 which is first Linux system in
my life, and my experience is none

NetworkManager is default application for managing network on Debian

I had to download some firmware package to get Internet connection
running, and now I have problem that I can't figure out how to set my
direct cable connected Windows XP node. Windows PC has static IP set
to and Debian PC with netmask
Also I enabled remote desktop on XP node.
NetworkManager shows 'device not managed' for Wired Device

Looking for easier solution I downloaded Wicd, which manages LAN
things fine. Remote Desktop runs fine and I can access file system
from XP. But with this configuration, my Internet connection drops, so
I can either have Internet (without Wicd running) or have LAN
connection (without Internet connection).

I guess it's bad idea to have both programs running but as I can't
manage either to do what I want, I thought to ask here as
NetworkManager is default application in Debian anyway, for some
reason or another

I imagine solution is easy, but like I said my Linux experience is bare minimal

Thanks in advance

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