Status of NM managing rfkill?

Hi Dan, list

Back in Feb 2010, there was mention of NM learning to use rfkill when
it brings down a wlan device. Has that happened, or is it likely to
happen? I am thinking of

Some background to the question... On our F11 release series, we found
out that (a) NM reads rfkill status, but does not set it, and that (b)
we save significant power by rfkill'ing the wlan when the user
requests that it's switched off.

To get those power savings, we ended up using some very ugly code
external to NM.

So we would love to have NM use rfkill when users request that
wireless or network be switched off. It'd mean we can drop lots of
ugly code. It'd also mean that NM users get significant power savings
on other machines too :-)

We are currently working on a new F14-based release (F14 ships
NM-0.8.1) -- and nowish would be a great time to get rid of the crud
code :-)

We are tracking this in ...


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