Flapping Connection: Leave TCP Connections Up


I use Pidgin, and my wireless connection frequently drops for a moment, then recovers.  Each time it drops, Pidgin drops all of its connections, then re-establishes connections when the network recovers.  This can be really annoying on IRC channels.

On the other hand, other applications like mutt or SSH just rely on the TCP retransmission algorithm, and their connections usually stay up: no logging in logging out each time the wireless burps.

On Quora it was suggested that the behavior I am seeing in Pidgin is because networkmanager is telling Pidgin that the connection died.  If networkmanager didn't do that, then I'd be seeing the desired behavior.

Can I configure NetworkManager to manage my wireless device, but not send notification to applications that the interface has gone down?  I appreciate the user-friendly configuration, but I vastly prefer standard Unix behavior.  Thanks!



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