Re: [ANNOUNCE] Release of NetworkManager-l2tp 0.1

On Mon, 17 Jan 2011, Alexey Torkhov wrote:

It would definitely drag in openswan as dependancy even if not used. But
I think I would prefer that over having two different plugins.

This will bring there advanced ppp settings dialog (similar to one in
pptp plugin), pppd plugin/etc. Also, a requested feature is to support

Won't this unnecessary bloat openswan-nm plugin?

I'd still prefer that over two different possibly conflicting plugins.

And also from user perspective: openswan has more options concerning
ipsec whenever l2tp/pptp plugin have simple interface where user have
generally supply only vpn gateway address/username/password. Combining
all this will result in something monstrous.

The L2TP menu hides most of those options, so the user is also just
presented with the gateway address/username/password (and PSK)


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