Re: Help with wireless device

On Fri, 2010-12-31 at 15:00 -0600, Larry Finger wrote:
> Hi,
> One of the people I'm trying to help on the openSUSE Forum has a problem in that
> the KDE applet always has wireless networking disabled. Once it is enabled
> manually, then the wireless comes up as expected.
> In /var/log/NetworkManager, the following is reported:
>   Dec 31 14:54:59 linux-ioxs NetworkManager: <info>  (wlan0): bringing up device.
>   Dec 31 14:54:59 linux-ioxs NetworkManager: <info>  (wlan0): deactivating
> device (reason: 2).
>   Dec 31 14:54:59 linux-ioxs NetworkManager: <info>  modem-manager is now available
>   Dec 31 14:54:59 linux-ioxs NetworkManager: <WARN>  default_adapter_cb(): bluez
> error getting default adapter: The name org.bluez was not provided by any
> .service files
>   Dec 31 14:54:59 linux-ioxs NetworkManager: <info>  Trying to start the
> supplicant...
>   Dec 31 14:54:59 linux-ioxs NetworkManager: <info>  (wlan0): supplicant manager
> state:  down -> idle
>   Dec 31 14:54:59 linux-ioxs nm-dispatcher.action: Script
> '/etc/NetworkManager/dispatcher.d/netcontrol_services' exited with error status 127.
> Why is wlan0 deactivated with reason 2?

When NM starts up, it will take over devices and in most cases (except
for wired) will deactivate them to bring them back to a clean state.
For anything other than wired, there's a crap-ton of state that NM would
need to read and acquire if it just took over the existing wifi
connection or whatever.  That includes supplicant state, possibly a
dhclient instance, maybe even PPPoE.  Most of these things don't export
a dbus interface, and thus it's even harder to get that state on startup
and seamlessly "take over" the interface.  Second, NM usually gets
started at boot time, so it's not really an issue, and people don't
usually restart NM while the system is up.

So this is normal on NM start.  What you're probably wondering is why
nothing gets connected *after* this point.  Which Jiri posted some
questions about...


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