3G multiple PDP context support

If answered already sorry for the general question  -  searched archives and did not see much.


I am wondering if there is support (on any 3G UMTS device) for simultaneous multiple-PDP contexts in NetworkManager.


We have Qualcomm-based and other vendor commercial phones and dongles which support multiple-PDP context but no way to have active data over multiple contexts (3 simultaneous is desired).


I assume this would require underlying USB driver support which creates virtual USB endpoints that are associated to each pdp which is sent across the physical usb endpoint.

I saw Dan Williams’ April 2010 blog “Mobile Broadband and Qualcomm Proprietary Protocols” which gives some hints about how this might be done for QC Qmi interface and know from generic web search that multiple-PDP context support has been done this way.

Maybe just last note – specific need is to send simultaneous flows over 3 PDP contexts.  The creation and configuration of multiple contexts via AT-commands is known.

If there is any specific information as to status in NetworkManager feedback would be greatly appreciated.


J. Baranowski



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