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09.01.2011 19:12, mike cloaked пишет:
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> From: mike cloaked <mike cloaked gmail com>
> Date: 2011/1/9
> Subject: Re: NetworkManager connection priority - same ssid ?
> To: José Queiroz <zekkerj gmail com>
> 2011/1/9 José Queiroz <zekkerj gmail com>:
>> AFAIK, the selection of which AP to connect, in a ESSID, is done by
>> "wpa_supplicant", not by NM.
> OK - accepted but NM is setting up the wpa_supplicant configs from the
> gnome desktop.
>>> What I would like is that in this instance the connection is made to
>>> that AP that is giving the strongest signal at the laptop but it does
>>> not always do this.
>> That's exactly the criterium used by wpa_supplicant to choose which AP to
>> connect: strongest signal.
>> But if there's some problem with the strongest signal (e.g. authentication
>> timeout), it will try the other APs available.
> In my latest test I am using Fedora F14 and set the laptop to connect
> to the home LAN via G wireless with its primary AP using WPA/AES
> encryption, as well as a range extender set to the *same* SSID with
> the same encryption but on a different level in the house.
> The laptop was initially set to use NM with correct authentication to
> the primary AP and was stable.  When moved to the vicinity of the
> wireless range extender as the nearest and strongest signal (in fact 2
> feet from the antenna!) then it connected fine and began showing the
> nearby strong signal for several seconds, and then showed the primary
> signal for a few seconds (now weaker as it was further away but still
> usable) and then kept switching between the two every 5 to 10 seconds.
> The only way I could make it sit in a stable condition was to put in
> the MAC address as an additional constraint (in the NM connection gui)
> for the nearest strong signal (being the range extender), and then
> define a second connection (using NetworkManager) for the original AP
> using its *different* MAC address with the same SSID and encryption
> details.  Then when I asked NM to go to the near strong signal it
> remains stable and does not continuously hunt between the two.
> However moving the laptop to be near the primary means requiring it to
> be manually selected to the new strong signal since it is a second
> previously connected wireless source - this means that this is not
> seamless in moving the laptop between the two APs.
> I guess the intention was that wpa_supplicant was supposed to work in
> a seamless way under these circumstances but my situation shows that
> the system does not behave in the intended manner - which is why I am
> reporting this to this list.
> By the way in this case both signals are virtually noise free,. and
> indeed there are no neighbours using the same channels - (I checked
> over a period doing a wireless site survey both before the test and
> during the test)
> The hunting behaviour seemed to occur when the two signals had
> different ssid as well - but only when I defined the two connections
> with specific MAC did I get stability - that presumably should not be
> necessary?
> I guess many users will not be hooking up to multiple APs using the
> same ssid and encryption but NM and wpa_supplicant should handle this
> in a transparent manner and not need special configuration.
> I would be interested to hear if anyone else has had a similar problem?
> --
> mike c

Could you please describe ther area as I've got - these APs are
standalone? Are not controlled by a.. as example Cisco or Siemens
Wireless Controller VNS Rounted?


PS With network manager on gentoo no such a kind of problem on a really
big area of WiFi under ... see above.

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