Re: dnsmasq integration?

Am 07.01.2011 17:13, schrieb Uwe Geuder:
> On Ubuntu Lucid I solved the dnsmasq - nm integration as follows:
> - dnsmasq is configured to read upstream DNS servers from /etc/resolv.conf1
> - nm is patched to write to /etc/resolv.conf1 instead of /etc/resolv.conf
>   (I'm willing to share the patch if anybody is interested. I haven't
>   done so, because it's not 100% perfect, see below) 
> - /etc/resolve.conf is manually edited to contain It will never
>   be changed (*)

Or you can simply install resolvconf + dnsmasq without any patching.

Should basically work the same way: /etc/resolv.conf contains
and remains static. NM pushes DNS updates to resolvconf, which in turn
pushes those updates to dnsmasq.


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