dnsmasq integration? (was: Re: NM trashing resolv.conf when a connection fails)

Hm.  I'm looking through lots of NetworkManager pages/docs and the GIT
repositories, and I see that there has been something titled "Local
caching nameserver support using dnsmasq" added in 0.8.2.  Unfortunately
that's just about all the information I've been able to come up with as
to what this means or does.

Based on that small sentence and a _very_ quick browse of the code it
sounds a lot like what I've been playing with, although I was working
with a small inotify-based solution that would watch /etc/resolv.conf
and reconfigure dnsmasq appropriately.  Unfortunately as one could
probably have guessed, applications that modify /etc/resolv.conf are
simply not well-behaved (including NetworkManager... see my issue in the
previous post) which makes this pretty difficult.

Is there any documentation on exactly how this dnsmasq integration in
NetworkManager works, and/or can anyone who is working with it give me a
quick overview?

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