Re: How to use a IPsec/l2tp VPN via networkmanager in ubuntu 10.04

On Thu, 6 Jan 2011, Tao Luo wrote:

     The detail is that our school's college network use a VPN(l2tp via IPsec) called bras to connect to WAN. But network center just provides us
client for windows and mac-OS. now I use a rp-l2tpd with bash to connect, but that is not a convenient method, especially to who is not good at
computer skill. I try to find a networkmanager VPN plugin but I fail. So I turn to here for help: how to connect a l2tp/IPsec server by
networkmanager in Ubuntu10.04 and other Linux distributions, or how a develop a l2tp vpn plugin for networkmanager. THANKS!

redhat has done some work on openswan-NetworkManager. However, currently it is lacking l2tp/ipsec
support (and is mostly used for cisco/xauth ipsec support).

This plugin should be extended to cover l2tp, but it still requires some patches to openswan
to allow for NM configuration without temp files - specifically to add a new "secret" or
certificate to openswan and to remove it when deleted.

I am able to help someone working on this, but have no resources to take on a main role in this.


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