Insufficient control over disabling/enabling network connection in the NM applet

Hello people,

I am trying to find the best way to use the Network Manager for
controlling the network connections.
Perhaps I am not fully understanding how is the NM meant to be used,
so I am opening this thread hoping to get some hint or advice.

In short, my main problem is that I am expecting to have some easily
accessible "Enable" , "Disable", "Properties"   buttons for each
network interface. The NM applet does enable/disable my 3G connection
when clicking on it . But there is no way to control the Ethernet card

Perhaps I should explain exactly what I want .  I need 2 network profiles :
- Ethernet connection (DHCP)
- 3G modem (for internet)  +  Ethernet connection (static IP)
I need this because at work I want to browse the web via the 3G  , but
at the same time still be able to still access some internal servers
via the Ethernet card.

As far as I can see,  when enabling the 3G connection  the Network
Manager automatically disables the Ethernet . And there seems to be no
way to prevent this ?  I am also not seeing the ability to switch to
alternate configurations of the "wired" connection inside the NM

Is is possible  to :
- define multiple configurations for the Ethernet card ?
- and,  easily switch the configuration of the Ethernet card
(preferably with the NM applet)  , even if there is a 3G connection
enabled ?

By the way,  the OS is Ubuntu Linux 10.04 ,  with NetworkManager 0.8.

I remember that some time ago in Ubuntu there used to be a connections
configuration tool that allowed the creation of several network
"profiles".  I'm wondering what is the replacement of that concept in
the current "Edit connection" of the NetworkManager.

Adrian M.

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