nm-applet 0.8.1 fails DSL connect

Hi all,

After suddenly typed wrong password while connecting to DSL with preconfigured connection (PPPoE, CHAP), nm-applet fails to connect even if at second attempt (and next couple) password was typed correctly.

After manual restart with
$ killall nm-applet
$ nm-applet &
it forgets about failures and connects on click without prompting a password.
Seems it also saved the password in previous run when in was typed correctly. But it definitely don't used it properly.

The problem looks like why nm-applet didn't connects before, thus that manual restart required?

See attached logs in .tgz, comments included.
($ strace -tt -s99 -f -onm-appl.st.log  2>&1 | tee nm-appl.st-msg.log) - before restart
($ strace -tt -s99 -f -onm-appl.st.log-1  2>&1 | tee nm-appl.st-msg.log-1) - after restart

$ cat /proc/version
Linux version (mockbuild x86-12 phx2 fedoraproject org) (gcc version 4.5.1 20100924 (Red Hat 4.5.1-4) (GCC) ) #1 SMP Thu Dec 23 16:17:40 UTC 2010

Vladimir Vinogradov

Attachment: nm-applet-logs.tgz
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