Re: [PATCH] one more +CREG syntax


W dniu 11 stycznia 2011 20:44 użytkownik Dan Williams <dcbw redhat com> napisał:
On Tue, 2010-12-21 at 21:18 +0100, Michał Sroczyński wrote:
> Hi,
> With current version of modem-manager connecting to the internet using
> Samsung Wave S8500 doesn't work (I've used modemmanager from fedora-14:
> 0.4-4.git20100720). It turned out that samsung's response for +CREG is different
> than expected (it has extra parameter). So I've added another (7th) syntax to
> mm_gsm_creg_regex_get. Now it works ok with the attached patch. It would
> be nice if it got included next version of modem-manager. Probably Wave
> isn't the only phone with such a syntax.

Pushed, thanks.  The 'B' there isn't very useful, and while that's
probably some sort of access technology marker, I have no idea what it
means and cannot find anything about it.  Does it change?  Can you lock
the phone into 2G mode and see what it says, then lock it into 3G mode
and report what it changes to, if anything?

Sory for slow response. I've changed network modes, and here are results:
1. automatic:
CREG: 2,1,000B,3899, B, C3899
2. gsm900/1800:
CREG: 2,1,03F7,4908, 3F7, 4908
3. umts900/2100:
CREG: 2,1,000B,3899, B, C3899

Michal Sroczynski
Life is complex: it has real and imaginary parts.

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