Re: [PATCH] Porting NetworkManager-PPTP to GtkBuilder

On Thursday 03 of February 2011 23:40:43 Mathieu Trudel-Lapierre wrote:
> Hi,
> Here's another patch porting UI to GtkBuilder. This time, I've looked
> at the PPTP plugin.
> Patch is attached :)
Pushed upstream.

80d75e1a91311fa3b9ec035dc1af6431ab350876 (master)
0410f42632b3a52ca88a4ef53014a02f08a5b2ba (0.8.x)

I have to change the UI file as it segfaulted. I converted .glade -> .ui by 
gtk-builder-convert script and manually edit a bit, mainly removing top level 
window "pptp-widget" causing the segfault.
And also did some minor adjustments in other files.



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