Re: [PATCH] Porting NetworkManager-VPNC to GtkBuilder

On Friday 28 of January 2011 21:46:26 Mathieu Trudel-Lapierre wrote:
> Hi,
> I've been working on porting the VPNC plugin to GtkBuilder. I'm sure I
> broke some things, but hopefully by publishing the patch here I can
> get some review. It looks fine to me except maybe for translations ;)
> Patch attached...
> Regards,

Pushed upstream.

6a2b2d68554e6692dd54d3f37021bf5233cc2f05 (master)
5f5d753d67f5d16c0e9562dbde9b7064cf93c7a8 (0.8.x)

I have to change the UI file as it segfaulted. I converted .glade -> .ui by 
gtk-builder-convert script and manually edit a bit, mainly removing top level 
window "vpnc-widget" causing the segfault.
And also did some minor adjustments in other files.

Thank you very much!

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