Phase 2 in EAP-TLS

Hi all,

I read the source code of network-manager-applet recently and
have some questions about the eap-method-tls.c.

In eap-method-tls.c, there are several checks for the variable
"phase2" which isn't used in ttls or peap, and the variable is
initialized in eap_method_tls_new() and is never changed afterward.
However, I found that eap_method_tls_new() is called only in
wireless-security.c, and "phase2" is set to FALSE explicitly.
In other words, the phase2 functions in eap-method-tls.c were
never used.

Here are my questions.
1) Why "phase2" is declared but never used? For any further plan
or just a legacy of some old code?

2) In what condition EAP-TLS will be used as "Phase 2"?
I googled related documents but only found the Phase 2 auth
methods for PEAP and TTLS.


Gary Lin

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