Re: Continuous DHCP?

On Mon, 2011-12-05 at 17:21 +0000, Chris Paulson-Ellis wrote:
> On 05/12/11 14:54, Chris Paulson-Ellis wrote:
> > On 05/12/11 12:34, Chris Paulson-Ellis wrote:
> >> Is there some way to configure NetworkManager to keep running dhclient
> >> and never give up?
> >>
> >> NetworkManager-
> >
> > It seems commit fdfbe00aac3f17b19bb8d84cba1c8f210d90e8a0 is trying to
> > address my issue, but I'm not seeing anything in the logs after the 5
> > minute timeout.
> I think the problem is that although reset_connections_retries() resets 
> the retry count, it doesn't call schedule_activate_check(), so the 
> device is never considered for auto-activation again (and I have nothing 
> else on the system that would cause schedule_activate_all() to be called).

I think we really want schedule_activate_all() there instead of
schedule_activate_check(), since connections can apply to zero to many
devices.  If you add that call there (and you'll have to copy & paste
the prototype for schedule_activate_all above that function) does that
do what you want?  Either that or look at current git where I've pushed
a patch doing this.


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