Re: Continuous DHCP?

timeout <some big number>;

statement in /etc/dhcp/dhclient-<interface>.conf
could help.

From dhclient.conf man page:
"The timeout statement determines the amount of time that must pass between the time that the client begins to try to determine its address and the time that it decides that it's not going to be able to contact a server."


On 12/05/2011 01:34 PM, Chris Paulson-Ellis wrote:

I have a deployment scenario which requires NetworkManager to keep
trying forever to obtain a IPv4 address on a wired network using DHCP.

Currently, NetworkManager runs dhclient every 45s, which is fine, but it
stops after a few minutes and never seems to try again. In my scenario,
the (wired) network is connected to a switch continuously, so the link
is always up, but the DHCP server may not be contactable until some
random time later - possibly days due to administrative intervention
required on upstream equipment.

Is there some way to configure NetworkManager to keep running dhclient
and never give up?

Not running nm-applet (it's embedded-ish hands-off deployment).


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