networkmanager issues (possibly user issues :) )

Hi all,
I've recently upgraded from nm 0.8.4 to 0.9.2 and I'm experiencing
several issues, that I haven't been able to sort out looking around so
I'asking for mìsome help/hints here

gentoo, kde 4.7.3,
networkmanagement 0.8.95

issues that I'm experiencing:
- wpa_supplicant.conf file saved with 644 permissions and with
password in cleartext. Ideally no passwords or anything else should be
saved in that file, but permissions 644 are a big problem.
- as described here,,
nm uses his own connection names: in the same situation 0.8.x allowed
to enter any name for the connection.
- probably a setup problem, even I can't find where to look: nm-applet
is always started: I'm using kde applet so this is a problem for me.
Any hint about how to search?
I've some other issues, but having hints for the ones above, maybe I
will be able to solve also the others by myself :)

Thanks for any answer.


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