Re: brcmsmac driver only works when sitting next to the AP

Hello Camaleón,

Okay, I finally managed to compile a kernel with the required flag
enabled and booted with it. I am attaching the resulting trace file,
should you need additional information, kindly ask.

thanks! I did the same thing on my setup and diff'ed the resulting trace file with yours. I spotted a difference but it should not be relevant:

(your trace): drv_prepare_multicast: phy0 prepare mc (5)
(my trace): drv_prepare_multicast: phy0 prepare mc (1)

I am wondering if the problem could be explained by a RF kill switch being active. Can you send me the output of 'rfkill list' and 'lsmod' ?

Are there wireless-related LEDs on your machine and do they act differently between kernel 3.0.1 and 2.6.39-2 ?

Can you do a 'rfkill unblock all' to see if that makes a difference ?

Can you read this thread for more ideas: ?

Let me know how this works out, if unsuccessful we'll have to dig a bit deeper.

Thanks, Roland.

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