Re: NM no longer supports a dialup modem?

On Sun, 2011-07-31 at 09:34 +0200, craig wrote:
> Hello,
> Under Debian Etch with Gnome, NetworkManager listed my 56Kb dialup modem and was 
> able to connect and disconnect to/from the Internet using that modem.

I'd assume that was NM 0.6.x?  Dialup support was pretty hacked in and
was removed a few years ago with NetworkManager 0.7.x.  We're looking at
adding it back into ModemManager though, which is what NM 0.7+ uses for
controlling modems and 3G sticks.

> Now, under Debian Squeeze with Gnome, NetworkManager does not seem to know about 
> my dialup modem at all, and I don't see any way to enter/edit that sort of 
> connection using NM's connection editor.

Right, because they aren't seen by ModemManager and not supported at
this time :(


> I have scoured for documentation and advice and found nothing about 
> NetworkMAnager and dialup modems.
> Can anyone suggest the best way to be connect/disconnect to/from the Internet 
> from within Gnome?
> Thanks in advance.
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