Re: Idea - Detecting IP conflicts in NM

On 27.04.2011 22:29, Dan Williams wrote:

>> follow-up for gratuitous arp replies:
> This would be cool; we could do it after getting the IP address if we
> wanted to in nm-device.c or elsewhere before we've even assigned the IP
> address to the card.  Alternatively, if we wanted to keep lower latency
> we could do it after we've assigned the address and said we're connected
> like other OSs do and warn the user or something.  Is this a patch you'd
> be willing to work on?  If so that would be great!

Not yet. I've played with the duplicate address detection (DAD) mode of
the arping tool but it seems that on systems that I've tried, the
endpoints don't reply to gratuitous ARPs. There's probably a /proc/*
tunable that's disabled by default which ignores those requests.

Applets can even offer getting an IP from the DHCP server in case of
conflicting IP situations or alternatively, NM can assign the IP but
applets can warn the user about the situation (or even a limited or
problematic connection icon can be overlayed on the applet's icon in the

Seen that it's acceptable from upstream, I'll try to implement this


Ozan Caglayan

Pardus Linux

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