Re: NetworkManager clobbers /etc/yp.conf in fedora 14

On Thu, 2011-04-21 at 11:56 -1000, Dave Burns wrote:
> How do I politely ask NetworkManager to let me tell it what servers to
> use for ypbind/NIS?
> Is there some newbie documentation I should be looking at? I searched
> the wiki at but got no hits for
> ypbind or yp.conf. Also no hits for
>   man NetworkManager|grep yp
>   man NetworkManager|grep NIS
> It is possible I am barking up the wrong tree. My basic problem is, I
> edit /etc/yp.conf and get NIS working, but the next time I reboot that
> file gets changed (and NIS stops working), even if I chmod it so no
> one has write privileges. I am assuming it is NetworkManager, because
> I don't usually have this problem and NetworkManager is the main
> difference between this and other fedora installs I have going. Also,
> in previous experiments with NetworkManager I noticed that it  likes
> to rewrite config files like /etc/resolv.conf. So maybe NetworkManager
> is innocent. Another possible suspect is the DHCP client stuff. Or is
> NetworkManager responsible for that too?

It's not NM really, but a "dispatcher" script installed by yp.  Look
in /etc/NetworkManager/dispatcher.d and look for the script that
clobbers yp.conf.  NM just executes any scripts that get dropped in
there, and since often your YP details are passed through DHCP, that
script will scrape them out of DHCP and push them to yp.conf.  I'm not
sure what the exact problem is, but that script might not be doing the
right thing.


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