GNOME 3, NM 8.9 and Wireless as System connections

Hi people!

While testing Fedora 15 with GNOME 3, I encountered strange problem:
1) On Live CD system, which I installed on USB Flash,
Network Manager manages connection old way - as user-level initialized
wireless connection with AP. It finds that AP has security, asks for
secret and everything works nicely;
2) However on freshly installed Fedora 15 Beta RC2 system it tries to
handle this connection as System connection (as new default for NM).
In result of this (or another issue I haven't understood yet) it
doesn't find any security for AP (it says so in /var/log/messages) and
tries to handle it as encrypted connection, which obviously fails;

Is there any idea what could be wrong, what I should debug or look
after? I have /var/log/messages from both systems. Both systems have
nearly identical setup - same kernel (except one on hard disk being
PAE), same modules loaded, nothing unusual except those facts
mentioned above.

Cheers and thanks for any tips in advance,
have a nice day,

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