Hi guys, 

I have been porting the network-manager-pptp to work with the sstp-client 
project at sourceforge over the past month. I had to modify it in various 

  * Create the appropriate command line for sstpc
  * Added CA-Certificate file chooser in the properties dialog
  * The sstp-client provides an API to get the External Gateway Address (over 
replacing it with an IPv4 address as name needs to match the certificate of the 
  * sstp-pppd-plugin will export the MPPE keys to the sstp-client such that the 
connection can be established.
  * Rename every occurrence of pptp with sstp
  * Various other fixes and tweaks

I compiles fine and works with the latest git repository of NetworkManager. Any 
chance I could have a git branch created for network-manager-sstp to continue 
work (e.g. remaining localization, etc)? If you guys prefer to review the work 
first, I am okay with uploading a tar.gz file somewhere first.

- Eivind

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