Re: Q: nm-gsm-device.c

Em Sunday 17 April 2011, ran shalit escreveu:

> Hello,


> I am a newbie student of the NetworkManager, and I try to undetsrand the

> way the application treats with modem & wifi devices (more ineterseted in

> the low level parts of the NetworkManager application: the "commands" to

> the devices).

> I saw that in the older released version such as 0.7.2 there was a file

> /src/nm-gsm-device.c which contained some of the AT-COMMAND used for

> initialization of modems, but in the updated version there is no such

> file(as far as I can find), and I dont see anywhere else where AT-Command

> are used. Does anyone knows how these commands are used then in the updated

> version ?

NetworkManager >= 0.8 uses ModemManager for low level configuration such as AT commands.


Lamarque V. Souza

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