How nm-applet and gnome-bluetooth interact to create a bluetooth connection?

Hi all,

Alex Fiestas and me are trying to implement Bluetooth DUN support for KDE. We spent some time trying to figure out the steps nm-applet and gnome-bluetooth do to implement it but without much success. Can someone help us?

During my tests I hit this part of NM code in src/nm-manager.c:

/* If it was a Bluetooth modem and no bluetooth device claimed it, ignore

* it. The rfcomm port (and thus the modem) gets created automatically

* by the Bluetooth code during the connection process.


if (driver && !strcmp (driver, "bluetooth")) {

nm_log_info (LOGD_MB, "ignoring modem '%s' (no associated Bluetooth device)", ip_iface);



Commenting the "return" allows me to use my cellphone as bluetooth serial modem (after creating /dev/rfcomm0 using BlueZ), but of course I guess that code is there for a reason. I still do not understand how gnome-bluetooth (or nm-applet) creates the rfcomm port. I know that can be done using BlueZ's DBus interface by calling the org.bluez.Serial.Connect method on a bluetooth device. But since NM is explicitly ignoring the rfcomm port, how are NM's bluetooth connections supposed to work?


Lamarque V. Souza

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