NM ListConnections and autoconnect problems


I've come across a weird behaviour of NM while testing a mod to real_get_best_autoconnection.

Debugging the function query_connections within nm-manager.c, and at the same time debugging the connections passed to real_get_best_autoconnection at startup, I found that ListConnections reports all the favourite wireless connections I have on my machine, but only one gets passed to real_get_best_autoconnection -the first time it gets called-.
After it gets executed for the first time all favourite connections get passed to real_get_best_autoconnection.

Is this done on purpose or is it a bug?

If it is a bug where should I report it?

Mi NM version is NetworkManager-

Thanks for the help.

Ing. Franco Miceli
CITS - Plan Ceibal - Investigación & Desarrollo
Av. Italia 6201 - Montevideo, Uruguay
CP: 11500
Tel: (598 2) 601 5773 int.: 2227

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