Auto eth0 is back


First thanks to dev this great tool, it help me everydays :)

I currently use the lastest version networkmanager 0.8.1 on archlinux
with the kde plasma applet to configure my networks.

My probleme is simple, i've 3 networks type : Eth, Wifi and Mobile
Broadband. Everytime my laptop is on his dock (eth0 is on), applet
connect everytime to a "Auto eth0". This prevent me to use wifi or
Mobile broadband without undock my laptop. I have deeply search a
configuration solution about who create this device "Auto eth0" and
this line in syslog let me do the following supposition.

rwolf NetworkManager[4577]: <info> Activation (eth0) starting
connection 'Auto eth0'

So i suppose it's not kde applet fault if this connection is present
and auto... I'm wondering how i can prevent NetworkManager to create
it ?


Sébastien Luttringer

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